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The Science Behind Steve Aoki’s Biohacking Regimen for Peak Performance

DJ Steve Aoki follows a comprehensive biohacking regimen to optimize his health, lower his biological age, and be the ultimate performer.

By Dylan G. Arrazati

Key Points: 

  • To become the ultimate performer, Steve Aoki utilizes various biohacking tools, which include cold plunges, saunas, red light therapy, PEMF mats, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  • Steve Aoki also participates in traditional health practices, including meditation, strength and resistance training, and eating a healthy diet. 
  • Steve Aoki’s biohacking efforts have helped him achieve a biological age of 33 years, which is over a decade younger than his chronological age (46 years). 

In a recent episode of the “Ultimate Human Podcast”, the popular human biologist and biohacker Gary Brecka interviewed a legend in the electronic music industry, Steve Aoki, notoriously known for his prolific music production, electrifying stage presence, and his signature cake-throwing accuracy. Remarkably, Aoki holds the Guinness World Record for the “Most Traveled  Musician in a Single Calendar Year,” performing an astounding 300 shows. 

While Aoki’s work ethic is unquestionable, much of his success stems from his intellectual curiosity, which has driven him to explore advanced biohacking technologies to become the ultimate performer while optimizing his well-being.

“I truly care about being the ultimate human. Like I really gamify it so I can have fun with it, and I could be a better person, and I can you know like just give better shows, and like have my quality of life engaged more,” states Aoki. 

Breaking Down Steve Aoki’s Biohacking Tools

Cold Plunges and Saunas

During the interview, Aoki talked about how he transformed his Las Vegas home, also known as “Aoki’s Playhouse,” into a biohacking oasis, equipped with several powerful healing amenities like cold plunge baths and saunas. In recent years, cold exposure through ice baths has gained significant traction among athletes and biohackers, who frequently utilize them to enhance recovery and thwart inflammation and swelling following physical activity. Notably, some evidence suggests that cold exposure can also increase the release of dopamine, which helps enhance alertness and focus. 

The profound benefits of saunas have also recently come to light, with research showing that they reduce the risk of mortality to cardiovascular disease, lower inflammation, and stimulate the production of growth hormone, which heavily contributes to muscle growth and tissue repair. So, for an individual like Aoki, whose career demands both intense physical exertion and sharp mental acuity, integrating both cold plunges and saunas into his routine helps optimize his performance capabilities. 

Steve Aoki submerged in an ice bath from the neck down, wearing rainbow-colored shorts.

Red Light Therapy, PEMF Mats, and Oxygen Therapy

Red light therapy is another tool that Aoki incorporates into his biohacking routine. It has been reported to boost mitochondrial activity and improve energy metabolism, both of which are important for cellular rejuvenation. What’s more, research indicates that red light therapy may help promote tissue repair, alleviate various skin conditions, and increase collagen, our body’s most abundant protein. 

Aoki couples red light therapy with pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) mats, which emit electromagnetic waves that help stimulate recovery. Though the exact mechanisms of PEMFs are still unclear, research reveals that this therapy can improve tissue healing, reduce inflammation, and strengthen the structural integrity of bones.

Commonly seen in anti-aging clinics and, notably, part of Steve Aoki’s biohacking oasis, is the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. This chamber helps flood cells with pure oxygen, and studies highlight that this tool can accelerate tissue healing, improve sleep, and enhance cognitive function. Interestingly, one study found that hyperbaric oxygen therapy mitigates one of the key hallmarks of aging, the shortening of telomeres – protective DNA sequences at the ends of chromosomes that deteriorate with age.  


Every morning, Aoki participates in breath work and transcendental meditation (TM), a popular meditation technique that typically involves silently repeating a mantra to achieve a centered and calm state. However, rather than repeating a mantra, Aoki performs a different variation of TM where he instead follows his breath and focuses his mind on a meaningful mental image, specifically two triangles balancing on one another a singular point. 

“It’s like two mountain peaks with a circular orb that is so powerful it can hold two mountains balanced between two mountains…When I close my eyes, I see the pattern and just focus on that orb,” says Aoki. 

TM has been tied to numerous health benefits, including lower blood pressure, better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, and increased focus and awareness. To make sure he reaches a true meditative state, Aoki wears a device on his head that measures theta waves, brain waves that are reliable signatures of mediation.  

A rendition of what Steve Aoiki pictures in his mind during meditation: an hour glass in the shape of pyramids, with their apexes touching.

Physical Activity and Healthy Eating

In the podcast, Aoki mentions that his Las Vegas residence is equipped with a unique home gym, which was reported to have a custom trampoline, foam pit, and rope swing. In another press release, Aoki claims to workout at least three times per week while heavily focusing on strength and resistance training. As it turns out, strength and resistance training is highly effective in preventing heart disease – the top cause of mortality worldwide – and preserving muscle and bone, reducing the risk of conditions like sarcopenia and osteoporosis. 

With regard to Aoki’s food, he mentions how being on the road year-round makes it difficult to adhere to a strict diet. To help conquer this challenge, Aoki’s crew lays out trays of healthy food in his dressing room with a few extra trays of various snacks to help quench his cravings. Importantly, Aoki stresses the importance of avoiding processed junk, which he claims to be a game changer when it comes to performing. Moreover, processed food is known to trigger inflammation and oxidative stress, two aging accelerators. Uniquely, Aoki mentions that he does not consume large meals before shows. He primarily does this so that he doesn’t stray away from his strict diet.    

A personal trainer watching Steve Aoki perform high intensity interval training (HIIT) on top of a wooden box.

Biohacking Gadgets and Diagnostic Tools

Aoki believes that the key to leveling up and becoming the ultimate performer is tracking your biological data. 

“If you don’t understand the baseline of where you’re at, you can’t improve… You have to understand your baseline so that you can improve and be a more optimal human, the ultimate human,” states Steve Aoki. 

In addition to utilizing a tool called TruDiagnostic to track his biological age, which was calculated to be an impressive 33 years, Aoki also wears several health gadgets such as a Whoop, Oura Ring, and Apple Watch to track things like his sleep quality, cardiovascular health, stress, and recovery. 

Harnessing Biohacking for Ultimate Performance 

Steve Aoki’s journey into biohacking demonstrates his relentless pursuit of becoming the ultimate performer. By merging advanced longevity tools with holistic health practices, he effectively optimizes his health and puts himself in a position where he can continue to pursue his passion and perform at his best. His innovative approach sets a new standard for artists and performers globally, encouraging a broader audience to explore the benefits of biohacking in reaching new heights of personal well-being and professional achievement. 


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