About NAD⁺

By Daniel R. Miranda, Ph.D. is an information hub on nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), a coenzyme found in all living cells that is essential for hundreds of critical processes. NAD+, in the form of NADH, is essential for the conversion of food into cellular energy. Although the concentration of this important molecule diminishes as we age, evidence suggests that restoring NAD+ levels can help to prevent many age-related disorders and even lengthen life.

This website reports on the latest NAD+ and age-related research by taking the information from peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and making it easy to digest. Specific topics covered include aging/longevity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, immune function, and metabolism. The website also presents information on NAD+ boosters, anti-aging technologies, and gives reviews of anti-aging products.

Articles are posted regularly, providing citations for the relevant empirical research, ranging from basic research to clinical trials. We hope to empower the reader with evidence-based knowledge while answering pressing questions pertaining to NAD+ and aging science. We also hope to stimulate curious and inquisitive minds to make further explorations into the website and beyond.

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