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Candid Doctor Calls Out “Longevity Experts” Like Peter Attia and David Sinclair 

Shawn Baker, M.D., says self-proclaimed longevity experts are nothing but grifting modern-day snake oil salesmen.

By Griffin Dean

Key Points: 

  • Baker says to approach longevity gurus selling a product or protocol with caution.
  • Baker gives his tips for being healthy, including smiling and laughing more. 
  • Partakers of emerging longevity technologies are not taking chances, betting that Baker is wrong. 

In a recent video, Dr. Shawn Baker, credited with popularizing the carnivore diet, discussed the deceptive ways of longevity experts who tout longer and healthier lives for everyone. While Backer does not specifically mention Peter Attia, M.D., or David Sinclair, Ph.D., his description fits them well. 

Baker Warns Against Longevity Gurus 

Baker warns to be cautious of anyone proclaiming themselves to be a longevity expert or having special insight into longevity. He says you should approach these gurus with extreme skepticism. There is a lot of snake oil and grifting — petty swindling — in the anti-aging and longevity space. 

This word of caution could apply to Harvard professor Dr. David Sinclair, who was recently called a snake oil salesman by respected aging biology researcher Matt Kaeberlein, Ph.D. The snake oil moniker was provoked when Sinclair claimed that the product Leap Years could reverse dog aging, an exaggerated claim, according to many scientists. 

David Sinclair posing with his index finger under his chin for some reason.
Dr. David Sinclair (image: Bandeep Singh, India Today).

Baker goes on to say that the worst thing a “longevity expert” can tell you is that they can make you live longer. The second worst thing is saying they can help you avoid diseases like cancer and heart disease, something called healthpsan. What’s worse is if they say they can help you live longer and healthier by following their protocol. Baker says these claims are mostly BS. 

The BS Baker refers to parallels the promises of Dr. Peter Attia, who is often referred to as a longevity expert. Attia is the creator of Early Medical, a program that touts optimizing “your chance of living the longest, healthiest life you can.” The objective of the Early program is to “provide each participant with the information and tasks…necessary to change the arc of their healthspan and lifespan.” The program is made up of written content and video content, costing $2, 500.

Peter Attia looking suspect.
Dr. Peter Attia (image: Tim Ferris Blog)

Notably, Attia has previously called out biohackers like Bryan Johnson for focusing on supplements and therapies that may not work. Baker takes this a step further by saying there is no secret to prolonging someone’s lifespan or healthspan. Beware of anyone who is trying to sell you something to do so. 

Bakers Tips for Being Healthy 

Mike Baker without a shirt looking buff.
Baker, 57,  has said he doesn’t take testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or steroids (image: OG JRE).

Baker says he will not claim to know how to make you live longer. However, he does have general tips that might do so:

  • Don’t eat garbage junk food 
  • Don’t sit on your a** all day, don’t be sedentary 
  • Be strong and carry a lot of lean mass while not being obese 
  • Get good sleep
  • Don’t drink or smoke
  • Don’t participate in stupid and dangerous activities 
  • Don’t hang around with downer people  
  • Smile more, laugh more, and be a beast (“There’s nothing wrong with that”)

The Chances of Baker Being Wrong 

What are the chances we can truly prolong our lifespan and healthspan? What if Baker is wrong? Individuals like Sinclair, Attia, and Johnson seem to believe that we can live longer lives. There is also scientific evidence to support such a belief. However, because the science is new, there is not a lot to confirm its application in humans. Essentially, longevity gurus and their followers are taking their chances, betting that people like Baker are wrong. 


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