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Bryan Johnson’s Free Guide to Fixing Terrible Posture 

Slow-aging Johnson shares how he fixed his posture and brain health.

By Griffin Dean

Key Points: 

  • When Johnson discovered that his poor posture was reducing blood flow to his brain, he immediately took the necessary steps to fix his posture.  
  • Johnson’s posture-fixing habits include, not looking down at his phone, moving every 5 minutes, and performing neck muscle exercises. 

Bryan Johnson has been called the most measured man in the world. He measures every aspect of his health in an effort to address ailments that could shorten his lifespan. In doing so, he found that his bad posture was obstructing the veins in his neck and decreasing blood flow to his brain. 

As explained on YouTube, to fix his terrible posture, Johnson recruited Kjetil Larsen, a self-taught Norwegian scientist specializing in pain rehabilitation. Larsen postulates that bad posture could influence craniological disorders like early dementia. Thus, it seems reasonable that a lifetime of bad posture could contribute to age-related dementia. 

Following Larsen’s advice, Johnson was able to fix his posture and reduce his brain’s biological age by 9 years in less than 60 days. Johnson points out that despite being really bad for us, poor posture has become normalized in our society. By fixing our posture we can stand out amongst the rest and possibly deter adverse health conditions that shorten our life. 

Johnson’s 5 Habits for Correcting Bad Posture 

“It takes time, it’s hard, it’s going to make you sore, you’re going to find it to be really uncomfortable but it’s worth it.” — Bryan Johnson, on fixing your posture. 

1. When trying to find the right posture position, imagine that you have a string being pulled through your spine and out the top of your head. This is a good starting position, Johnson says. 

Bryan Johnson sitting in a chair before and after pretending to pull himself up by a string.

2. Avoid things that invite bad posture like looking down at your phone. While it’s awkward and potentially embarrassing to do so, Johnson recommends holding your phone up to eye level. Johnson says he can feel the blood flow to his brain stop when he looks down at his phone.

Bryan Johnson holding his phone at eye level and giving the camera a thumbs up.

3. Move every five minutes. For example, you can do lunges, squats, raise your arms, and do various stretches to move your body. Johnson says this can reset your body to have fresh posture. 

Bryan Johnson doing a stretching exercise.

4. Perform a suboccipital muscle strengthening exercise, as seen here. Start with your neck long and chin down. Then, put some pressure on the top of your head and move your chin up about 30 degrees, and then back down until fatigued. Repeat twice a week.

On the left is Bryan Johnson touching his forehead as if saluting. On the right is a skeleton that has only subocciptal muscles.
Johnson is seen performing a suboccipital exercise (left), which works the suboccipital muscles (right).

5. Perform a levator scapula muscle strengthening exercise, seen in the same video above. Start with the neck extended and shoulders back and down. Use 8- to 20-pound dumbbells and raise the shoulders up and forward towards the nose until fatigued. Repeat twice a week. 

On the left is Bryan Johnson raising his shoulders while holding a dumbbell in each hand. On the right is a skeleton that has only levator scapula muscles.
Johnson is seen performing a levator scapula exercise (left), which works the levator scapula muscles (right). Johnson is using 20-pound dumbbells, which Larsen considers heavy, having most his patients use 8-pound dumbbells.

Will Johnson’s 5 Habits Work on You? 

There are dozens of influencers claiming they have the routine to improve your posture. Some influencers even say you can’t fix your posture. However, Johnson has shown measurable results. He not only fixed his posture but also alleviated his internal jugular vein stenosis. Whether Johnson’s routine will fix your posture is unknown, and one should consult a physician before trying Johnson’s routine.


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